This is a place where I'm going to put all sorts of stuff including some experimental things I'm playing with.

Day One: Clouds moving wallpaper. 36MB Quicktime
  Magnolia: A walk around the garden. 32MB Quicktime
  Dogwalk: Trying to film and walk the dog, tricky. 19MB Quicktime
  Water: Work in progress. 14MB mp4
  Lake Colac: Work in progress, swans and other birds on Lake Colac. 83MB Quicktime
  Pigging out at the Nu-Deli: 50MB Quicktime
Frogs: Lake Colac and Grampians, 1980 & 2010-2011 (separate index)
  Thunderstorm: Glen Iris, Melbourne, 1980s. 3.3MB mp3
  Thunderstorm: Glen Iris, Melbourne, 1980s. 7.4MB mp3
  Turkey: Flute and drums, Giresun, 1971. 3.3MB mp3 (mono)
  Crow on the TV mast, Colac, 3 October 2010. 3.2MB mp3
  Blackbird, Colac, 4 October 2010. 2.8MB mp3
  Blackbird, 2nd call, Colac, 28 November 2011. 1.7MB mp3
  Cicada, Colac, 20 January 2011. 44 secs, 1.1MB mp3
  Cicada Mix, Colac, 20 January 2011. 5 channels various tempos and pitches mixed. 30 secs, 733kb mp3
  Cricket, Colac, 13 March 2011. 1 min 35 secs, 3.1MB mp3
  Kookaburras, Lorne, 1980. 44 secs, 1MB mp3
  Ambient lake sounds, daytime, Colac, 23 January 2011. 48 secs, 1.2MB mp3
  Crimson Rosellas, Tidal River, 1 min 27 secs, 2MB mp3
  Wagtail, Colac, 1 min, 1.5MB mp3
  Whip bird, near Lorne, 1 min 46 secs, 2.5MB mp3
  Magpies, Colac, edited, 3 mins 16 secs, 4.7MB mp3
  Black Cockatoo, Colac, along with wagtail, magpies and a fly! 1 min 34 secs, 2.2MB mp3
  Little Wattlebird?, Colac, 30 April 2012 , two different single calls to be confirmed. 1 min 30secs, 12.9MB, mp33
  Little Wattlebird, Colac, 26 September 2011 40 secs, 1.3MB mp3
  New Holland Honey-eater, Colac, 16 November 2011 35 secs, 574kb mp3
  Currawongs, Dawn chorus Colac, 28 August 2011 , then dusk 9 July 2012 with blackbirds. 2 min 19 secs, 4.4MB mp3
  Currawongs, Dawn, Colac, 9 July 2012. 3 min 12 secs, 6.2MB mp3
  Currawongs, Dawn, Colac, 12 August 2012. 2 mins 56 secs 5.6MB mp3
  Currawongs, Dawn, Colac, 28 May 2013. 3 mins 8 secs 6MB mp3

Grey Butcher Bird, Lake Colac, 28 May 2013. 45 secs 1.8MB mp3

Rainbow and Musk Lorikeets, Lake Colac, 4 March 2018. 1 min 7.3MB m4a

  Rainbow Lorikeet, in my silver birches, 17 April 2018. 55 secs, 2.2MB m4a
  Grey-headed flying foxes, in Colac Botanic Gardens, 8 March 2020. 65 secs, 2.3MB mp3
Etchings by Queensland artist Vincent Sheldon


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